Freckles the Deer:
OH DEER! A few weeks ago we got a call about a poor baby bambi with a broken leg who wandered into someone’s back yard. We immediately sprung into action to catch him and start his healing process! We took some X-rays, fitted him for a leg splint and bottle fed him! He’s working towards full recovery at the deer rescue and rehab in Senatobia.

Lulu the Turtle
Turtle emergency! This poor turtle had a run in with a dog, who must have thought she was a rawhide! Meet Lulu Skywalker, our newest warrior. Her poor shell was gnawed on pretty badly and maggots had taken up residence. She got the VIP fix up, complete with anti parasite treatment and laser therapy and she’ll be just fine.

Sweet Bernard the Cedar Waxwing
Sweet Bernard the Cedar Waxwing came in for x-rays and TLC after a run in with a car We fixed up his broken wing and he’ll be good as new after a stint in rehab!