There are many cancers that can affect our dogs and cats. We are focused on our patients having an exceptional quality of life. We offer a variety of surgical and chemotherapeutic options for our cancer patients. Chemotherapy is not as difficult on dogs and cats as it is on humans.  Our doctors would be happy to discuss cancer treatment with you and answer any questions you may have.


Dr. Jen spent a year working for a board certified veterinary dermatologist, so she has a special interest in dermatology.  Skin and ear problems are rarely ever life threatening, however, these issues can be chronic, annoying, painful, and have a major effect on your pet’s quality of life!  If your pet is extra itchy, schedule an appointment with us!


If your beloved pet becomes ill, you can always count on us.  Our vets stay current on the latest internal medicine treatments and trends by attending regular continuing education conferences,dailyresearch on Veterinary Information Network, and regular consults with specialists. Our goal is always to arrive at an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan quickly.  We emphasize client education about the disease, and provide all realistic treatment options.


  • Our fully stocked on-site pharmacy makes filling your pet’s prescriptions convenient.   If we don’t stock a particular medication that your pet needs, we can special-order it for you!
  • We guarantee that our flea products and heartworm preventatives are less expensive than internet sites.  If you come across products that are less expensive than ours, simply print the invoice including shipping and bring it in, we will beat the price.
  • We also have an online pharmacy for your convenience. Most of our in house items, as well as some items we do not normally stock, are available to you through our online pharmacy and will be shipped directly to your home.
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As our beloved pets age, they depend on us to help them age comfortably.  A veterinary exam every 6 months becomes more and more important for pets seven years of age and older.  Six months may sound frequent, however, if one year in a pet’s life equals seven years in a human’s life, then 6 month visits is equivalent to grandma or grandpa going to their doctor every 3 ½ years.  A lot can change in 3 ½ years! With age comes the increased likelihood of dental disease, thyroid conditions, arthritis, eye problems, heart disease, liver disease, and kidney problems. The good news is, a thorough physical exam, senior bloodwork, and urinalysis enables us to be proactive, verses reactive if any of these conditions are occurring in our patients.  Identifying these health problems early is critical to maintaining our senior patients’ quality of life.  Most of the senior conditions are very “treatable” if diagnosed early.Thanks to better nutrition, semi-annual exams, glaucoma screenings, senior comprehensive bloodwork/urinalysis, blood pressure/ EKG monitoring, and advances in veterinary medicine, we can insure the best quality of life possible for our senior patients to age gracefully through their golden years.