Emergency After-Hours Care

Paws Animal Hospital offers after hours emergency care to current Paws’ patients. If your pet is having an emergency after business hours our nurse on call can be reached at 662-801-5006

If your pet is not a patient of Paws Animal Hospital there is an emergency fee of $250. If it is not a time sensitive emergency non-patients are refered to either Horn Lake Emergency or Pet Med Emergency 


We have loved and well screened blood donor cats and dogs for emergency fresh whole blood transfusions.  We stock blood type kits, crossmatch kits, and transfusion filter kits.  We also stock fresh frozen plasma for the conditions that require plasma transfusions rather than whole blood transfusions.


  • We offer emergency care for our established patients.
  • Hospitalized patients are closely monitored by our skilled nursing staff.  We tailor your pets emergency needs. This can range from a simple office visit to all night ICU care.
  • We also have specialized isolation ward for our contagious patients equipped with its own entrance, separate plumbing and sink, “parvo cages,” and very strict nurse sanitation procedures (gowns, gloves, foot baths).
  • Overnight patients who are receiving iv fluids are typically checked on by our nurses at 10pm, 2am and 6am. This frequency can always be increased based on your pet’s specific needs.
  • In the event that your pet needs the care of a specialty team, the closest 24 hour veterinary facilities are located in Memphis, Starkville, and Horn Lake.  Referral for 24 hour care is always an option.