What makes Pampered Paws unique and an exceptional value is what we include in our surgery prices to ensure the safest anesthesia and surgery possible.  We treat all of our patients’ safety the same way a human anesthesiologist treats human patients when undergoing general anesthesia.  Our favorite piece of equipment for monitoring anesthesia, is our Esophageal Stethoscope which is attached to an amplifier.  This piece of equipment enables every person in the surgery suite to hear every patient’s heartbeat the entire time he/she is anesthetized.  In addition, all patients have their heart wave monitored via EKG, their blood pressure monitored via Non-Invasive Blood Pressure, and the percent of oxygen in their lungs monitored via Pulse Oximetry.  Trained surgical nurses record our patients’ parameters every 5 minutes on each patient’s anesthesia chart. Our nurses enjoy snuggling with our patients as they wake up from anesthesia. We administer only the best pain medications so our patients always wake up happy.

Included in our prices, all dog and cat spays and dog neuters:

  1. Receive an IV catheter & IV fluids- to maintain proper blood pressure, maintain hydration and perfusion/support of all organs, and as a route for immediate administration of emergency medications if the need should ever arise.
  2. Are intubated (a breathing tube is placed in their trachea) for their safety, to assure accurate ventilation, and precise delivery of gas anesthesia.
  3. Include sterile technique: sterile prep, sterile surgical pack, and sterile surgical gown.
  4. Receive pain medicine before, during, and after surgery in addition to send home pain medication.
  5. Receive exceptional anesthesia monitoring which includes heartbeat amplified via esophageal stethoscope, EGC, NIBP, and Pulse Ox monitoring.

Cat and bunny neuters receive subcutaneous fluids and they are also maintained on gas anesthesia via a mask throughout surgery. Our anesthesia protocols are so safe that most pets are awake within 2 minutes of turning off the anesthesia machine.  Since our objective is to minimize your pet’s stress, a nurse holds your pet while he or she recovers from anesthesia.