Luxury Cottage Suites
Our Newly renovated Cottage Suites give our small guests that home away from home feeling! Perfect for those sweet and shy babies that need a little TLC away from the bigger party dogs!

Cottage Suites’ Include:
4 walks a day- either in the fully fenced play yard or a personal walk exploring the many private acres surrounding the Paws Cottage, orthopedic bed rental, personal elevated food and water bowls, peaceful spa music, room service twice daily, a blanket, and a bedtime snack.

Prices start at $38 a night/pet

Canine Boarding

Pricing includes lodging, room service twice daily, 4 potty walks a day, a blanket, and a bedtime snack.

Indoor/Outdoor suite : $32 / night / pet
4×6 suite with a covered patio, our most popular suite! Can accommodate up to 2 guests.

Luxury Indoor/Outdoor Suite : $36 / night / pet
6×6 suite with a covered patio. Accommodates 3 or more guests.

Indoor Suite : $29 / night / pet
4 x 3 suite, used primarily for young puppies, patients on bed rest, and older guests who prefer a quieter atmosphere

Indoor Suite with a View : $33 / night / pet
4×4 suite, with a window

Puppy Playtime Boarding* : $27.50 / night / for puppies 12 weeks – 6 months of age. Includes 5 potty walks and playtime

Infant Care Boarding* : $37.80 / night / puppy for puppies under 12 weeks of age. Includes 7 potty walks and 4 meals per day
*Depends on vaccination history.

Multiple Pet Discounts
2 pets boarding in separate suites – 10% off
2 pets sharing a suite – 15% off
3 or more pets boarding together or separate – 20% off

Click here for a complete menu of additional boarding services to customize your pet’s stay with us.

Check out time is noon daily. If picked up after noon, guests will be charged daycare ($18.50) rather than another night of boarding.

As a courtesy to our clients, we offer 1 hour for pick-up Sunday night between 5-6pm. Guests will be charged as if they stayed the night, so it costs the same to pick your pets up before noon on Monday.

Click here for a copy of our boarding release for clients of Paws Animal Hospital.

Click here for a copy of our boarding release for non-clients.

Feline Boarding

Includes lodging, cat nip to brighten their day, 3 litter box changes a day, 2 meals a day, and a basket to sleep in.

Kitty Condo : $18.50 / night / pet