We have had several amazing medical recoveries at Paws Animal Hospital this summer. We want to share their stories but PLEASE BE WARNED some of the before photos are GRAPHIC! We don’t want anyone to see injuries they are uncomfortable with, but it is imperative to appreciate how far the animals have come in their recovery.

Our first miracle patient is Miss Flo! Flo was attacked one evening in her backyard, possibly by a wild animal or wild dogs, we’re not certain who got her :confused: She was in terrible pain and very scared. She spent several nights in our intensive care, complete with laser therapy, hydrotherapy, pain meds and antibiotics. She’s doing so well now!! She still comes in for laser therapy and progress exams to keep her healing beautifully! Her parents have done the best job at home keeping up with her meds and the hardest job of all: keeping Flo away from her stitches!!

Spunky’s story! Sweet Spunky came in August 1st with a terrible eye injury, his globe was ruptured. We enucleated his eye and his recovery has been remarkable in just two weeks! He’s been super sweet throughout his entire ordeal. We adore our one eyed Spunky!