Amanda Charest

Amanda Charest, our General Manager and Patient Care Coordinator, graduated from The University of Mississippi with her B.A. in Psychology with an emphasis in Behavior Analysis. Growing up in Rankin County, MS, her compassion for all types of animals was seen from the very beginning. It wasn’t until after graduating that the idea of merging her passions of animals and medicine even occurred to her. She joined the Paws staff in July of 2012 and was promoted to Manager in November of 2013. She has many goals and desires driving her forward into veterinary medicine such as obtaining a degree in Veterinary Technology and Veterinary Specialty in Critical Care. Along for that fun journey, her three besties will travel with her: Henry Cope, Ainsley and Daisy!

Barlow Bevill

Meet Barlow, our Assistant General Manager and Social Media Director. She was born and raised right here in Oxford. She graduated from the University of Mississippi then she found her perfect fit at Paws Animal Hospital in 2015. She started as an administrative assistant before rising to Client Care Coordinator then assistant manager. She loves every aspect of her job, from caring for our critical ICU patients to playing with the happy-go-lucky pups at Paws Doggie Daycare. She and her husband Jody have a full house with her beloved bulldogs Tank and Gravy, Great Pyr Sweet Lou and three rescue cats: Opal, Edith and Hoot.

Naomi Simmons

Naomi Simmons graduated from the University of Mississippi in 2012 with a Bachelor’s degree in English. Animals have always been a passion of hers, however, and working with them is a dream come true! When not at Paws, Naomi can be found cuddling her dogs Lucy and Johnny Cash; and spending time with her fiancé, John.

Brandee Ledene, Resort Coordinator

Brandee has 4 fur kids, 1 pup named Emma, and two kitties Ducky and Orson. She spends all of her free time and money on her furry children, furry fosters, and Mexican food. Loves outdoor activities and new adventures. Her favorite thing about Pampered Paws is seeing an animals reaction to being reunited with their parents.

Katie Koenenn, Caregiver

Katie grew up in Raleigh, NC and then later moved to Atlanta, GA during her junior year of high school. She spent a lot of her time competing in golf tournaments and playing with her mini schnauzer and poodle, Prince and Saint. She is currently a student at the University of Mississippi pursuing a BA in Biology. After graduating, she wants to attend veterinary school and eventually open her own practice. She is an avid animal lover, especially when it comes to her dog KC. KC loves going to work with her mom where she can play with her new found friends.

Jodi Stubbs, Play Yard Attendant

Jodi is a play yard attendant here at Pampered Paws. She’s a Criminal Justice major at NWCC! She is originally from Oxford, Alabama and she’s loved animals since she was born. One day she hopes to be a Crime Scene Investigator or a lawyer, but for now she’s very happy just to be able to play with so many amazing puppies every day!

Mooshoe and Gloria, Chief Executive Meowsers

Mooshoe is an 11 year old, grumpy old man who keeps Paws in line. He can be seen in the parking lot sunbathing or lurking under cars. His inside time is divided between the front lobby and his special futon throne upstairs. He recently hired an associate Gloria to help him with his ever growing workload of napping in strange places and meowing welcome to our patients.

Gloria is a beautiful 7 year old sophisticated lady. She enjoys napping in potted plants. You can follow them on Instagram @mastermooshoe