May Pet of the Month!

“aka” Mavy

“Maverick is a sweet chocolate lab with a lot of personality! He just turned 3 in April 2016 and we celebrated our aa3rdadoption anniversary this month. His doggie parents are both hunting dogs, but
we learned very early with Maverick that he was more of a cuddler than a hunter. His hobbies include stealing socks and hearts. His two favorite things in the world are tennis balls and mud puddles, and when it comes to those twaaao things, he is all business. He has a bad habit of eating things he shouldn’t, but luckily his girlfriends at Paws are great at taking care of him. He’s not a morning dog, and he can be difficult to wake up sometimes. But, we let him get away with it because he is so cuddly. We love our Paws staff and we are grateful that they love our Mavy as much as we do. We can’t imagine a better Hospital/Resort for our little furry man.”

Maura & Alex

April Pet of the Month!!

Biscuit and Pepper
By Marie Antoon and Charles Reagan Wilson

Biscuit and Pepper are both rescue pets, and we’re glad they found us. Biscuit came to us ten years ago the last week of February. Marie and her nephew, Chris, were driving to Clear Creek and saw Biscuit on the side of the road. They discovered he had been hit by a car, and they put him in our car and drove back to Oxford, taking him to the recently opened Pampered Paws, as it was then known. Dr. Jen diagnosed his many injuries, including a broken leg. She gave him tender loving care, even, with the help of her brother, turning him over at night when he was in pain. She said she thought he was probably about a year old then. We were not planning on getting a dog, especially as we were both on the go and out of town much with our jobs at the time. We agreed to nurse him back to health and find him a good home. The rascal quickly won us over with his sweet and loving nature. We go every morning for off-leash run-arounds somewhere at Sardis, getting everyone involved some good exercise to start our days. Biscuit is an indoor fellow who loves long naps at any time of the day, followed by the urgent need for walks. He sits out on the leash and barks at anyone on his street, saying “hello.”
A kind policeman found Pepper five years ago, out on hot pavement one July day, with no sign of a mama around. He decided to bring him to the Paws and left him. Some of the Paws staff took him home and nursed him along. He then lived in a large cage in the Paws lobby for months. Our beloved old cat, Little Kitty, died in 2011, and we decided to adopt Pepper, but only after Biscuit gave his approval. Dr. Jen said to bring Biscuit into an examination room, keep him on a leash, and then bring Pepper in. Pepper had been in his cage in the lobby, meeting all sorts of humans, dogs, and cats for months, and he’s quite social. He came into the examining room and quickly won Biscuit over. The two are good buds and like to sometimes go for walks together or just lounge around the porch.

Three years ago, we all fostered a wonderful dog, Romeo, a black-and-tan hound that Marie found north of Jackson, near her father’s home on Lake Cavalier. He was homeless, and, again, she brought Romeo to photo_2the Paws, and they got him up to speed so he could come stay with Biscuit and Pepper. Biscuit loved going out in the woods at Sardis for their walk, and we loved Romeo. We found a good home for him through an outfit that Dr. Jen put us in touch with, Good Dog Rescue. Romeo went to a good home in Vermont, becoming a Yankee dog, living with a family with lots of land for him to roam around.

Biscuit and Pepper run our household and we’re glad of it.